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Get to know the MedServices team.

Since 1998 MedServices has worked diligently to provide our provider clients with competent, reliable, and compassionate staff. When you find yourself short on clinical or business office staff, MedServices stands ready to fill your void with professionals that fit the culture of your facility.


Midwest Values—Midwest Care

MedServices Personnel was founded on the belief that the best people to care for others are people who understand the values, traditions and perspectives of the local community. Local people with Midwest values–people who live hard work, compassion, diligence, and dedication every day.

We’re Midwest people. We understand what makes the Midwest not only a great place to live, but a place where people of all cultures and ages can thrive. We’re dedicated to that level of service unique to the heartland and the intrinsic reward born by doing right by our clients—always.

Not everyone gets to work for MedServices Personnel

When we recruit and hire staff we ask ourselves if this is the kind of person we would want to care for our loved ones? Is this person worthy of our valued clients? Will they be punctual? Would we want this person to care for us? Finding temporary staff isn’t hard—finding the RIGHT temporary staff takes skill and persistence. Our dedication to meeting the high standards we have set in recruitment and hiring is one of the things that sets MedServices Personnel apart from our competitors.

We want our clients to be more than satisfied

We understand the uncertainty organizations face when engaging a new staffing company. For that reason, we offer new clients the first shift (up to 24 hours) at no charge to your organization. This free orientation will give will give you the opportunity to train our staff on policies and protocols so they will have a solid understanding of the facility expectations when they return for their first shift. We want you to be thoroughly pleased with us and we want our staff to feel comfortable with the placement. If you are not fully satisfied, we will cheerfully provide a substitute.

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