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3 Reasons Why Using Nurse Staffing Agencies Makes Sense

Nurse StaffingSome healthcare facilities may be reluctant to use nurse staffing agencies to fill holes in their staffing schedules and the reasons for this reluctance may vary. Perhaps they haven’t had a good experience with agency staff in the past or perhaps they view agency rates too high. But, using a quality agency for your nurse staffing makes sense for several reasons:

  1. Using agency staff gives you the flexibility you need when you find yourself shorthanded. Census may expand unexpectedly or one of your regular staff goes on FMLA without warning. But, your facility still must run 24-7-365. Developing a relationship with a quality nurse staffing agency will give you the peace of mind to manage the ups and downs associated with the healthcare industry.
  2. You can save on overtime pay for your regular staff. Market hourly rates for agency nurses can be significantly less than overtime pay for regular full-time staff. The cost to provide agency staff to a healthcare facility includes the same government mandated costs that you’re required to pay your staff, i.e. FICA, Medicare tax, State and Federal Unemployment taxes, Workers Compensation Insurance, etc. Additionally, there are also the costs paid by the staffing agency (on your behalf) to comply with your employment and/or compliance requirements, i.e. background checks, drug screens, vaccination requirements, and special training sessions and orientations. These costs vary from client to client depending on their requirements.
  3. Using agency staff allows you to give your staff a break and prevents burnout. Sometimes you may find your existing staff is at their limit. Over committing existing staff or chronically low staffing levels can affect patient satisfaction and most importantly, patient safety. A recent study by the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing found that patient satisfaction with care in hospitals declines when patients believe there are not enough nurses on wards.

MedServices Personnel is now it it’s 20th year of providing qualified and caring RNs, LPNs, and ancillary staff at a moment’s notice or on an estabished schedule.

MedServices Personnel is eager and available today to provide PRN or long-term assignments of nursing staff for your organization. We want to supplement your temporary staffing pool so you can focus on the many other challenges faced by your organization. Why not contact us today?


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